Livestream Review: DAD Will Truly Solve Traditional Advertising Industry Problems with Blockchain

The first side chain of Ontology — DAD conducted the first AMA livestream in the community. DAD Community Manager-Christopher talked a lot about DAD’s vision, project progress and community building during the livestream. He believes that the blockchain will truly solve the problems of the traditional online advertising industry and allow users to benefit from the token economy!

Before the livestream, we invited the community members to ask questions. Among many questions, we have selected some representative questions to answer. Let’s review together! (DAD Assistant is the livestream host)

1, DAD Assistant:

Welcome, Christopher. First, we have a question with high frequency: we all know that DAD (Decentralized AD) is a blockchain project in the vertical field of advertising. What is DAD? Why should we choose the projects in this field? What changes will DAD bring?@不留


At first, it is a big question. It involves who we are, why we do this, and how it will change the AD industry. Our DAD team come from a global top 10 traditional advertising company. We have been on the global advertising business since 2013. We have been very successful in this field. In 2015, there have been more than 12,000 global advertisers, covering 200+ countries and regions with more than 500 million users. In 2016, we have been selected as the top ten advertising companies in the world.

Although we have been very successful in the advertising industry, we have found that there are many problems in this industry. One of the most serious problems is traffic fraud and spurious traffic. In 2016, a Russian cyber hacker called AKF13, through the purchase of thousands of domain names and hundreds of thousands of robots, created the largest traffic fraud event in history with a daily account of up to $5 million.

What’s more, in fact, traffic cheating has become a common problem in the advertising industry. With the increasing cost of customers, advertisers have spent a lot of marketing expenses, but they have bought a lot of fake data. We have measured that advertisers’ cost caused by fake traffic exceeded $16 billion every year.

Second, there is still a problem of trust. There is a lot of fraud in the advertising industry, but it lacks transparency. For example, advertisers have invested in an advertisement, but there is no way to trace it. Therefore, advertising has become a black box and the difference in data can be as high as 20%.

The issue of trust has seriously hampered cross-border advertising. During the global roadshow, many advertisers were very excited after listening to DAD’s vision, because the solutions we provide can help them save a lot of screening time. All advertising data is certified and desensitized, authentic and reliable, allowing ads to return to their source and better match buyers and sellers.

In the traditional advertising field, the Matthew effect is becoming more and more obvious because of the scarcity of trust. Companies that have established brand image, such as Google and Facebook, sucked more and more advertising traffic like black holes. Advertisers and traffic providers have fewer and fewer choices and they have to rely on large platforms ultimately. Their pricing power and voice rights are getting weaker.

Through the blockchain value network, DAD will try to break this monopoly pattern and change the old production relations in the advertising field, so that each role of the ecology will not be bullied and unfairly treated.

Finally, and most importantly, we think that in the entire advertising ecosystem, users are excluded from the advertising economy, users pay their time and attention and produce conversion behavior, but have not received any return.

Various advertisements are able to bother the user, but the user cannot select the content he is willing to watch. Even now, there are a lot of traffic platforms that require users to pay to turn off ads. However, users are truly a part of creating value in the entire advertising ecosystem, but they are at the very end of the ecological chain, unable to enjoy the dividends brought by the development of the entire advertising industry.

Therefore, as a leading company in the industry, we have been thinking about how to break through the bottlenecks of the existing advertising industry and solve these problems. In 2016, we saw the development of blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is transparent, unchangeable, fair and equitable, and its decentralized community concept and economic system can perfectly solve traditional advertising problems.

Every technology wave will bring lifestyle innovation. The blockchain technology also has this opportunity. But the current blockchain, most of which is aimed at a single technical level of improvement. However, we believe that technology is never an end. It is a means of liberating productivity. It will become a tool for creating new worlds and defining new ways of life based on specific scenarios. So we are very excited, the era of technical definition of industry rules is coming, so we decided to do DAD (Decentralized AD).

It took us more than half a year to build a very good blockchain technical team led by highly qualified architects Yogeshwar Khadilkar and Michal Raczka who are from Silicon Valley.

At the same time, we are also looking for the best blockchain technology team in the world, because we hope that our blockchain technology will be the top of world, thus we can handle the huge amount of data and users from our advertising business, because we need to solve the problems generated by the huge physical business through blockchain technology, not just the concepts and models.

So in the end we chose Ontology for technical cooperation, because the ontology has the top technological team from China, they have a lot of innovation in blockchain technology and they developed identity authentication, fragmentation and oracle technology which will help us achieve the implementation of the advertising business blockchain. Therefore, the entire DAD blockchain project officially set sail in March, 2017.

Finally, we return to what DAD is and how the DAD will change the AD industry. The so-called change is to change the original production relationship. What are the drawbacks of the original production relationship?

We all know that death of Wei Zexi occurred in China a few years ago. The reason for this bad influence is that the production relationship in the advertising field is too old: searching engines occupy huge traffic with the rise of the Internet. In order to maximize the flow of cash, it turned into an advertising platform.

With the intensification of the Matthew effect, an advertising alliance was formed, killing small and medium-sized traffic alliances. The monopolistic search engine ad network gets pricing power and further benefits from advertisers and traffic providers. At the same time, under the expulsion of interests, false advertisements began to wreak havoc, and advertisers suffered greatly, but they could do nothing. Centralization is the essential reason for the formation of this deformed production relationship.

Because the traditional advertising industry is still the way of advertising alliances with countless middlemen, DAD will build a blockchain infrastructure in the vertical field of advertising. The whole system is credible, transparent, traceable, efficient and decentralized. Advertisers, traffic parties and users coexist in the entire ecology. Through the economic way of the token, all three parties will benefit from this economic system. Everyone who has paid time and energy for watching an advertisement will get a profit. Users can also freely choose the ads they want to see and contribute their attention and flow in the new ecosystem we build.

Because our traditional advertising business has been deployed globally, online and offline, with a fill rate of 99%, we will iterate our products step by step according to our goals. In the future, we hope that the cost of collaboration will be zero through blockchain technology. DAD must be very subversive for the entire advertising industry. DAD will be spread all over the region we are involved in. Anyone who watches ads at any time will gain revenue and Remuneration, and high-quality advertising content will also get accurate users while getting a return. He will appear on the Internet, on TV, in the billboards of the subway, on the posters of the bus stops. DAD will not limit the carrier, and does not limit it in any way around every corner of your side.

2, DAD assistant:

Thanks for Christopher’s sharing. I believe that you can know very well of who we are, why we do this, and how it will change the AD industry. So let’s go for the next topic: what’s the progress of DAD project and what’s the plan in the future? @Stephen223


Since March 17th, DAD has started the expansion of blockchain advertising business, and recruited 1,700 global ambassadors to promote the localization of the blockchain. Our coindav global business was officially launched and served more than 300 well-known projects, including the ontology, Tron, Bitmain Huobi Global, FANTOM, Binance and Liquid.

In technology, we are constantly updating our technical solutions. By refining the business characteristics advertising industry and incorporating the community concept of our DAD, we have developed the underlying chain because our target is the global advertising industry. We want our chain to be compatible while it has good performance.

Therefore, our distributed ledger layer adopts decoupling design, which will support DAD, ONT, and NEO. At the same time, store a large amount of data in the advertising business through IPFS. In the protocol layer, we have developed a large number of customized developments for the advertising business to ensure that the advertising behavior is fraud-free, traceable, and trustworthy.

Our technology research and development has made good progress, and most of the research and development work of the first version of the public chain has been completed, and the internal test network will be carried out soon.

At the same time, we have also planned and developed the privacy protection protocol for user data and the fragmentation technology for advertising high throughput and the mining consensus algorithm for the advertising industry. Therefore, our technical planning is constantly updated. The future will also be updated in our new white paper. Therefore, I believe that members who have been with the DAD community for a long time will continue to see the progress and changes of DAD, and will be closer to our ultimate goal.

3, DAD Assistant:

Christopher has already talked a lot about the project. How about DAD planning for community governance? What can users who grow up with DAD get from it? @Angela567


Absolutely. The innovation of the blockchain is not only the technology behind it, but also the high decentralization. The resulting community and organization, which is very close to the efficient, automated ecological system in which everyone will benefit.

In the traditional world, user contributions are ignored. We all know the traffic giant-Facebook. I used Facebook more than ten years ago, its experience was not so good at that time. I often use it to share some of my life, and now, Facebook has become a giant. It has 2 billion users and a market value of 500 billion US dollars, creating a good fortune for shareholders.

However, as the earliest users of this platform, we have missed all the dividends and benefits brought by the development of Facebook. In the industrial age, capital is very important, so shareholders will get the excess return of platform development. With the development of information technology, the value of users becomes more and more important. A good platform should value the users’ contribution for a long time.

Because we care about the contribution each user brings to this ecology, especially the early users of the platform. More importantly, every user contributes to the community continuously, and the overall value created will be much greater than the superposition of the value created by individual users. This is a very wonderful ecology, just like an economic system perpetual motion machine. By providing your own traffic, data, attention, communication effectiveness, etc., the ecological collaboration costs are constantly approaching zero, and DAD will become larger and larger.

In the future, we will form an effective and autonomous organization. Users who grow with the platform will not only gain excess income as the platform grows, we will also give users power. In the future, we will have an effective economic system through the token economy.

Through incentives and restricts the development of community members, empowers users through community equity points, and participates in community governance to make them more efficient. Future community-based DADs require every user, and efficient, autonomous DADs are definitely worth your while.

4, DAD Assistant:

Some users have asked whether DAD token has launched private sale or public sale?


In the early stage of the project development, DAD carried out a cornerstone investment, including Sequoia Capital China Fund, Danhua Capital, OGC(Ontology Global Capital ) and NEO Eco Fund. The funds obtained by the institutional investment are used for the R&D and operation of the DAD project are locked. DAD has not conducted any form of public sale and private sale, and has not been listed in any exchanges. Therefore, any information about a DAD quota or information about exchange listing in the community are false. Please pay attention.

5,DAD Assistant:

The next question is from our Chinese Community member @七月。:

It seems that many well-known global advertising companies are also involved in the cooperation. Whether those companies can traffic of their partners (advertisers and traffic parties) to the DAD ecosystem. Because I think this is a mutually beneficial thing for the three parties and even many parties.


First of all, as I said before, DAD was a traditional global top 10 advertising company , which integrates almost all advertising resources in the advertising industry, including online and offline. Therefore, after DAD is online in future, we will gradually introduce customers of the traditional advertising business, including advertisers and traffic parties. Therefore, it is not a brand new project starting from 0 for the DAD ecology, but a perfect combination of project that has accumulated in the original field for many years and has became the industry leader and blockchain technology .

6, DAD Assistant:

There is a question from our telegram group member @Writetobik:

How is your project different from other similar project like BAT?


Although there are some projects in the market that also do the vertical field of blockchain advertising, including BAT as you mentioned, we believe that DAD is still unique and very competitive and capable. Technology is the means to achieve the purpose, and the mature business model can truly support the business to go further. DAD comes from the top traditional advertising company, and the project can be quickly settled with rich advertising resources. We will put blockchain advertising into practice at first and gradually expanded to more industries including technology, finance, etc., and even offline.

Different from the BAT you mentioned, DAD’s product form is not only to be a platform within its own ecological closed loop. In the first stage, DAD will integrate existing business and reach more than 500 million users to form a decentralized advertising system. We will integrate many well-known traffic platforms and media, and finally DAD will form a free super body.

Through blockchain technology, the cost of collaboration is reduced to zero. There is no longer any intermediary. Advertising will become a kind of labor income rather than passive harassment. In every field of life, the ecological blueprint of DAD is very ambitious. The plan will be gradually updated in the new white paper. In short, DAD is worth looking forward to, and this will be another project that will change the way people live. All lifestyle-changing projects will rewrite business rules and achieve exponential growth.

7, DAD Assistant:

THX Chris. The next question is the last one in the livestream. It is from our telegram group @Venicare:

What will be the mapping ratio when the migration unto the ONT network is done? For example if I have 200DAD, what will I get after swapping?


This is a question that concerns every member of the community. As stated in our announcement, we will do DAD token deflation, from 10 billion deflate to 1 billion, so the original DAD will also be deflated in a 10:1 ratio. If you have 200 DAD in your wallet now, it will become 20DAD after mapping.

The livestream lasted for nearly one and a half hours. The community members had a close interaction with Christopher during the livestream. After livestream, some members expressed that they were looking forward to the next livestream. DAD will launch more community activities frequently in the future, so stay tuned!

At the same time, DAD invites everyone to participate in our livestream-suggestions events, people who have invalid suggestions: 30 DAD / person; best adviser: №1: 1000DAD; №2: 500DAD; №3: 300DAD

Note: The reward for this event will be distributed 5–7 business days after the end of the livestream.

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