Facebook’s Libra prospects dim, but DAD rolls on

DAD, advertising giant‘s decentralized advertising chain

Tech-giant Facebook has unveiled an ambitious plan for its digital currency, called Libra, earning worldwide attention. Facebook aims to offer cheaper cross-border payments for the world and save companies lots of transaction fees. Actually, as traffic-giant, Facebook’s main revenue comes from the global advertising business. Especially in 2018, Facebook’s global advertising business has reached 50 billion US dollars. Moreover, what’s the most mentionable one is Facebook’s main motive. The best answer is that Project Libra would take advantage of social networking to collect consumer’s data and sell advertising.

Libra outlined a vision for a perfect decentralized advertising infrastructure. It allows bolting a payment service on top of Instagram and WhatsApp, and to let customers make instant purchases in response to ads they see on those platforms. Through the access of digital currency, Facebook will know when users will be affected by advertising, which will provide a clear reference for advertising sales and significantly increase the return on investment. For users, the data belongs to the users themselves via privacy protection. What’s more, they can choose to contribute their data and get Libra benefits as a return, while users can also get Libra’s token incentives by watching advertisements. It makes sense in terms of a closed-loop. This will allow Facebook to get both the user’s payment data and social data, while merchants that accept Libra will gain the ability to target specific ads, as well as see exactly how effective those ads perform. In this closed-loop, both users and advertisers will benefit from Libra.

However, Facebook’s Libra project has been poured cold water from the SEC, but Facebook’s insight in advertising reform via blockchain points a new direction. Undoubtedly, the combination of blockchain and advertising is an extremely imaginative and broad business prospect. At present, the global advertising market has a value exceeding 300 billion dollars. However, this current advertising market is a zero-sum game market — the advertisers, the publishers, and the users bring a lot of invalid intermediate links due to trust issues, such as traffic fraud, users’ privacy protection, data transparency and the like, reducing the benefits of all parties significantly. This traditional advertising industry giant will take the lead to solve the pain problems and to make a breakthrough in the bottleneck of the traditional advertising industry in using blockchain technology. In March 2018, a smart mobile advertising platform covering more than 20 countries and regions launched the DAD (Decentralized Advertising), which is expected to surpass Facebook and achieve the vision of the first decentralized infrastructure to connect to global advertising on top of more than 10 years of traditional advertising business experience and Blockchain technology.

DAD is sponsored by the top ten global advertising companies with more than 110,000 global advertisers and 150 million monthly active users. For a long time, the combination of advertising and blockchain technology has been very close. Based on IN-APP SDK business Cloudmobi, DAD independently developed the DAD IN-APP SDK through the expansion of the blockchain industry. And Cloudmobi currently covers more than 2,950 applications in approximately 200 countries, serving 900 million users. The Cloudmobi SDK will be combined with the blockchain as a member of the DAD SDK to address the pain points in traditional advertising industries such as data transparency, traffic fraud, and privacy leaks. DAD will innovate the traditional advertising ecosystem through the token economy and smart contracts, and quickly cover the traditional APP advertising industry through Cloudmobi massive traffic.

The first step in DAD is to integrate the advertising resources of the blockchain industry and carry out rapid expansion with over 55 million blockchain users covered by Cloudmobi. As a result, DAD tokens will be used for payment and circulation. Through the token economy, users can be rewarded by watching advertisements and contributing data. Everyone will benefit from the growth of the project in this ecology.

The three important roles in the DAD ad economy are users, publishers, and advertisers. These three roles are key participants in the ad ecosystem, sharing revenue and supervising each other.

Users can get rewards by watching ads.

Privacy protection, users can get rewards by contributing to personal data.

Users can participate in decentralized community governance and initiate decision voting.

Users can report the spam ads directly or give feedback to promote advertising business ecology.

Users can earn additional rewards from the DAD chain.

Advertisers can use digital currency DAD for easier and cheaper global cross-border payments.

The advertising business is more transparent and traceable.

More accurate and efficient advertisement targets.

No traffic fraud, accurate and clearer advertising returns.

Billing directly through digital currency DAD for easier and cheaper global cross-border payments.

Increasing payment efficiency through smart contracts

Improving the quality of advertising and becoming supervisors by decentralized voting.

Foreseeing DAD

At present, the blockchain is still in its early stages. Many blockchain projects tried but died. The essential reason for this phenomenon is that the development path of blockchain projects is just the opposite of the growth path of traditional Internet projects. Traditional Internet projects are likely to have an IPO after the business has developed to a certain scale. However, blockchain projects can be cashed on the exchanges even if they do not land and the number of funds obtained even exceeds the IPO due to the lack of supervision.

Therefore, the future of blockchain projects is not just a landing, but must also have a mature business model. That is, there are a user base and constant revenue. The DAD backed by the top ten advertising giant has good cash flow and has succeeded in business models, which is different from all other blockchain projects. We have reason to believe that any project that uses the mentality of IPO from 0 to 1 to explore the blockchain is promising. DAD, as a leader in the advertising industry, is worth looking forward to.

For online advertising, data is valuable. The blockchain keeps those data throughout the network, while the data was once stored on a centralized corporate server and was sold freely without the user’s permission. Blockchain is the ultimate tool for democratization and decentralization. Although those who currently protect the status quo have reason to be afraid, at some point everyone will realize that an open network creates as many opportunities as it takes away. The future is fast in coming, DAD, the fast movers, has not predicted it, but is already making it happen.

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