DAD has been invited to participate in the Klaytn GC Summit and demonstrated the Decentralized Advertising System

DAD attended the Klaytn GC Summit

On November 28, 2019, DAD was invited to participate in the Klaytn GC Summit held in Seoul and delivered a keynote speech on DAD. The Klaytn Governance Committee is an alliance of multinational companies and organizations, including industry giants, such as Kakao, LG Electronics, Celltrion, and Union Bank of the Philippines. The committee is responsible for running the consensus node network and promoting ecosystem development.

DAD, on behalf of Yeahmobi, gave a keynote speech at the GC Summit and debuted DAD’s decentralized advertising system. Klaytn is a blockchain project owned by the South Korean mobile internet giant Kakao, a leader in social apps in the South Korean mobile internet, with about 158 ​​million registered users and more than 50 million monthly active users. The GC Summit invited GC members, mainstream media representatives, and Klaytn community representatives to attend. The day was filled with industry insights. GC members shared their achievements in the blockchain field over the past year. DAD also brought its own decentralized advertising system.

DAD COO Herman discussed the characteristics, status, and inherent problems in traditional internet advertising at the conference. The scale of the internet advertising market has now exceeded one trillion US dollars. It is beyond doubt that if anyone wants to place ads today, the internet will be their primary channel. However, there are too many problems in the current internet advertising market. For example, it is difficult to obtain accurate advertising channel data, and false traffic is near ubiquitous. Advertisers who have invested heavily cannot effectively reach their target customers, and users spend a lot of time and energy browsing without being rewarded. Problems like these have become pain points to further internet advertising development. Traditional internet giants have monopolized this market and turned a blind eye to these issues. It is difficult for vested stakeholders to have the motivation to reform, and emerging companies in the original ecology are not capable of posing serious challenges.

The emergence of blockchain has solved this deadlock. Decentralization, the nature of blockchain, automatically fit into the advertising industry that faces hundreds and thousands of viewers. The transparent and traceable sources of data in the blockchain enables advertisers to clearly search for their advertising flow. And users, with their important role in the advertising ecosystem, can also earn something by browsing ads. Through the blockchain, advertising is no longer a black box, and everything has become open and transparent. Through the blockchain browser, advertisers can search for each flow of funds, settlement for advertising expenses, and how many real users have watched or interacted with a specific ad, which will effectively solve traffic fraud.

Herman showed the decentralized advertising system independently developed by the DAD team at the conference. This is another important step for DAD after its launch in Bithumb, the largest exchange in South Korea, and it is also an important node for implementing the DAD decentralized advertising system. The entire advertising system uses blockchain technology to govern the community. Traffic providers can publish their advertising spots to attract high-quality advertisers and improve advertising efficiency. Advertisers can also view the flow of their funds on the DAD chain through the system. As a user, as long as the DAD Wallet plug-in is installed, you can earn an income by browsing ads.

Through Herman’s briefing, we can see the great opportunities the blockchain has brought to the traditional advertising market. Emerging industries often create new opportunities. DAD still has a long way to go in the blockchain advertising. Let’s wait and see what it takes to become increasingly powerful in this emerging market.



Decentralized ADvertising blockchain empowering users.

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