DAD Advertising Chain Progress Report(6.26–7.10)

Since debuted on June 26, DAD advertising chain is thriving and leading the industry gradually. There are several reasons made DAD has sufficient strength and confidence to participate in the exploration of the new industry of blockchain: first-class and professional technical team; extensive experience in the digital advertising industry; multi-platform and channel sharing cooperation and resource integration.

  1. June 26, DAD held the first conference in San Francisco,USA

June 26, 2018, US time. DAD consultant Bryan was invited ONT public chain launch conference held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Francisco and made speech on the DAD project, which was unanimously affirmed by the guests.

2. June 27, DAD & Ontology announced the cooperation

June 27, DAD & Ontology announced the cooperation. Combined DAD’s mature advertising platform with ONT’s technology of diversity identification and authentication, distributed data collaboration and exchange scenarios, furtherly promoting more accurate user portrait formation, driving precision delivery and improving positioning technology.

3. June 29, DAD Chain collaborates with the world’s largest Airdrop platform Gift.One

June 29, Gift.One joined DAD’s blockchain ecosystem with its vast resources of airdropped candy traffic and big data, which will be of great help to the rapid start of DAD and the landing of Dapp. Meanwhile, the DAD digital advertising chain will also provide Gift.One with comprehensive anti-cheating, data optimization and realizing channels. Both parties will jointly create a new digital advertising space.

4. June 30, DAD was invited to attend Ontology Tokyo conference

After debut in San Francisco, the DAD digital advertising chain was unveiled in Tokyo, Japan again on June 30. Discussed solution to the blockchain technology in the application of materialized scenarios deeply.

5. July 2, DAD and HLC reached in-depth cooperation

DAD digital advertising chain and HLC reached in-depth cooperation.Two sides will conduct long-term cooperation in marketing and big data collection.

6. DAD was shortlisted as №2 in North America for Ontology Triones seed node list.

In the ONT ontology weekly report (7.2–7.9), DAD was shortlisted as №2 in North America for Ontology Triones seed node list. It is reported that a total of 47 teams around the world participated in the Ontology Triones seed node competition, so far 21 teams have been shortlisted.

7. July 10, DAD Cooperated Strategically with Digital Asset Management Platform BCV

July 10, 2018, DAD Cooperated Strategically with Digital Asset Management Platform BCV, both parties will complement each other in the future, developing jointly in Dapp landing and ecological construction.

DAD advertising chain has been deeply rooted in the digital advertising industry since 2013, is a new generation digital advertising blockchain project that committed to resolving the long-standing problems of cheating, lacking of trust, and data opacity in the digital advertising industry. It is DAD’s first step in long-term goal. In the future, we will cooperate with more high-quality project parties and investment institutions to promote the ecological construction of DAD and the rapid landing of Dapp jointly.



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